drunk and linger in the midst of them

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  【导语】自然统治着全盘,她会使万物很快发作转折,而且用它们的原料,制道别的东西,随后,又用这些东西的原料把另外事物布局,从而,全国就能够长远坚持全新的仪表。下面是无忧考网为专家料理的关于描写人与自然的英语作文,专家可今后看看。 【篇一】 The beauty of nature is like a magician. To daub on light green, spring to summer with a dark green, and, with dazzling aureate autumn to winter again put on a white coat; Ding-dong of the spring water gently singing tune, spectacular sea in rhythm, those little the singer with the wind also show up their indirect voice; Beautiful picture of nature is the blue sky white clouds, green hills and water, flowers, quiet mountains… What a sight! However, such a view, so beautiful, because human desire is don’t have much, everywhere is named “tall buildings” tree; Flow of the river is called “car” of water droplets; Beautiful mountain “has been renamed as” factory “; Beautiful blue sky white clouds seemed to fit the nobility, clothed in black. Oh my god ~! The beauty of the earth’s natural villages? Where is she? Oh, she is still there, just for old face… These, is she the children are making! The human and the nature can’t coexist? As long as we are taking the path of sustainable development, mother nature will not be ill-treated in human ~! But now? Human unchecked, makes the natural mother scarred, also sped up the earth’s resources to reduce… Stupid human ah, you really are in knowingly ah ~! Preached that environmental protection, and increase the demand, this is the face of love your mother? Action! Action! With the practical action to implement environmental protection, for future generations point f!!!!! 艳丽的大自然似乎一个魔术师。给春涂抹上淡淡的青葱,赠予夏一抹深绿,又为秋染上耀眼的金色,再给冬披上一件白色的大衣;叮咚的泉水唱着温柔的调子,波涛汹涌的大海则打着节奏,那些小小的歌唱家们伴着清风也显现起了自身隐晦的歌喉;大自然中艳丽的丹青则是那些个蓝天白云,青山绿水,柳绿桃红,静谧山林…… 多俊美的现象啊! 但是,云云的景致,云云的俊美,由于人类的*仍然所剩未几,随处可见的是名叫“高楼大厦”的树;滚动着的河是名叫“汽车”的水滴构成的;艳丽的山仍然易名为“工场”;艳丽的蓝天白云坊镳也装起了崇高,披上了玄色的纱衣。 天啊~!阿谁艳丽的地球自然村呢?她到哪里去了?哦,历来她还在,只不外是换成了苍老的容颜……这些,恰是她那些子孙们所一手酿成的~!人与自然莫非就不愿冷静共处吗?只消咱们走可赓续成长途径,自然母亲是不会亏待人类的~!但是当今呢?人类无限制的索取,使得自然母亲伤痕累累,也加速了地球资源的删除…… 无知的人类啊,你们真的是在州官放火啊~!一边口口声声的说环保,一边又加大索取,这便是你们爱母亲的出现吗?步履!步履!用本质步履来实行环保,为子孙子孙积点福吧!! 【篇二】 For the behavior of human, nature and the earth mother gave us a words: “who done no wrong, and that could change, be not.” People seemed to understand the meaning of this sentence, and began to enjoy the environment of the protection of the environment at the same time, hope in harmony with nature. Said to the man and nature in harmony, for example, we see a tree to plant a tree, to do everything in our power to our compensation fault before, treat every inch, protect animals… People began to afforestation and the protection of animals, is also a lot of propaganda slogans on television. People in the desert near to shelter forest, prevent dust storms. Remember there is a news said: “an old man near their HuangShanPo value on trees, trees when I was a child, every day he came to see once, pouring water or weeding, seedlings grown up now, he has to go to other places to plant trees, he said, he is old and his son, and his son is old son’s son.” Old man planting trees have spent, also. Can such a man, what can’t we? Wenxin after reports, it is more and more people began to plant trees. A lot of naughty children no longer draw out a bird’s nest, but long accompanied by building the bird’s nest at home. These things have become common now. I believe in that way, the earth mother will restore the original beauty, man and nature will become more harmonious to get along, is more prosperous, human life more beautiful! Finally remember a words: “be gentle with the earth _ scientific development, harmonious. 关于人类的这些动作,自然和地球母亲给咱们留下了一句话:“谁无过,而过而能改,善莫大焉。”人们好像仍然通晓了这句话的寓意,先河在享福情况的同时守卫情况,生机与自然谐和相处。 说到人与自然谐和相处,打个例如,咱们看一棵树要栽一棵树,要尽咱们全盘气力来储积以前的过失,善待一草一木,守卫动物…… 人们先河植树造林、守卫动物了,电视上也大批宣扬环保的标语。人们在戈壁邻近再上了防护林,防御沙尘暴。记得有一则音信上说:“一位老爷爷在他们邻近的荒山坡上值树,树苗小的时刻,他每天都来看一回,浇浇水或除除草,当今树苗长大了,他还要去其他地方种树,他说,他老了再有他儿子,他儿子老了再有他儿子的儿子。”白叟种树也有泰半辈子了,也乐此不疲。一位白叟都能如许,咱们有什么不愿?这则兴文报道后,更多的人先河植树。许多狡猾的小友人不再掏鸟窝了,而是在家长的伴同下筑鸟巢。这些事当今仍然司空见惯了。 我信赖云云下去,地球母亲定能复原原先的艳丽,人与自然会更谐和地相处,是人类加倍兴盛,生存加倍俊美!结尾请记住一句话:“善待地球_科学成长,构建谐和。 【篇三】 Man is the product of nature, people rely on natural and survival, it is known. In the process of survival and development, people should live in harmony with nature. But now, due to the expansion of the population, especially the human greed, unchecked for the nature, nature is badly damage, polluted water, reducing the green, gone part of the life, even threatening the survival of mankind itself. Man is closely related to nature. The survival is dependent on natural resources. Drinking water. Heating of coal. The burning oil. Cooking gas… Notting have is not directly or indirectly derived from natural sources. Earth resources rich again, also have to do. Therefore, the human to the use of natural resources, especially non-renewable resources, must be reasonable exploitation, effective use, to protect natural resources, the parched and fishing, kill the limited horizon, just drink my thirsty, ultimately hurt will be human beings, between human and natural resources, should find a way of sustainable, to protect the natural resources. Should be in harmony between human and nature, and has been recognized by more and more people, accept and to practice, why want to harmony, this the truth clearly, intensive land for human beings with nature, nature will revenge on human, it has to be embodied from many natural disasters. Since many people praise, drunk and linger in the midst of them, with their spiritual pen, writing a succession of good poems. These, how many people have made amazing! Love nature, into the natural. Close to nature. Natural writing, it will be your best choice. 人是自然的产品,人依靠自然而保存,这是人人皆知的意义.在保存与成长的历程中,人与自然应谐和相处.可当今,因为人丁的膨胀,非常是人类的贪欲,对自然举行无限制的索取,自然已遭到告急的粉碎,污染了水,删除了绿,磨灭了局限的性命,以至恫吓到了人类本身的保存. 人与自然息息干系.人的保存就依靠于自然资源.饮用的水.取暖的煤.燃烧的油.做饭的气……无一不是直接或间接出处于自然源. 地球资源再丰饶,也有竭尽之时.因而,人类对自然资源的诈欺,非常是弗成再生的资源,必然要合理开采,有用诈欺,真实守卫自然资源,那种涸译而渔,竭泽而渔的只顾面前的做法,无异饮鸠止渴,最终受害的将是人类本身,人与自然资源之间,应走可赓续的门路,真实守卫好自然资源. 人与自然之间应谐和相处,已被越来越多的人认同,承担并去施行,为什么要谐和,此中的意义很明明,人对自然超强度地索取,自然就会打击人类,这已从浩瀚自然磨难中获得了显露. 古往今来多少人工之讴歌,他们陶醉在个中而留恋忘返,用他们灵性的笔,书写了经世的佳作诗篇.这些,曾让多少人工之感叹!热爱自然.走进自然.迫近自然.书写自然吧,这将是你最俊美的挑选.


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